1. The following are official rules and regulations of the Lower Delaware Bowling Senate Doubles Handicap Tournament. This event will be open to all active paid-up bowlers of USBC and TNBA members.
2. NO PBA/LPBA MEMBERS shall be permitted to participate in tournament.
3. The Tournament shall commence on March 5, 2016 and run (3) consecutive weekends ending March 20, 2016. There will be (3) squads on Saturdays and (2) squads on Sundays.
4. Non-certified USBC members may enter by paying an associate membership fee of $21.00. Non-TNBA members may enter by paying a $20.00 membership fee. TNBA membership card expires August 31, 2016.
5. All entries will be treated on a first come status with the Team fee of $ 56.00. NO PERSONAL CHECKS or cash will be accepted through the mail. Cash will be accepted at the Tournament site. Send fees by money order, bank check or certified check.
6. It shall be each bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, his/her partner or others. Failure to use the correct average shall disqualify scores if the submitted average is lower than the correct average, thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap. Prize winnings will be based on the average submitted to the tournament if it is higher than the correct average. There will be no return of funds on disqualifications.
7. Each bowler is responsible for his/her conduct and has a valid USBC and TNBA card. A bowler found to be ineligible will cause the forfeit of any prize he/she may have won or helped to win.
8. All Entrants will use their highest USBC 2014-2015 sanctioned league average based on a minimum of 21 games. If current 2015-2016 average at time of entry is 10 or more pins above 2014-2015 average (rule 319a), the current average must be used. Bowler who does not have an acceptable average under tournament rules will bowl scratch (220). Do not use summer league average. The Average book or yearbook 2014-2015 will be official for final average. (Rule 118A and 319).
9. All teams will bowl (3) three games on the same pair of lanes with total pins with handicap deciding the tournament winner. The handicap will be (3) three games (80% of 440 team handicap).
10. Re-entries are permitted. The same two-member team may re-enter but can CASH ONLY ONCE. To be eligible to cash more than once, one eligible team member must be changed. . In singles, a bowler can bowl as many times as he/she wishes, but can CASH ONLY ONCE. USBC rule 315.
11. Failure to fill out the Tournament Participation Form before bowling may be grounds for disqualification and forfeiture of winnings. ALL entrants who have qualified for prizes of $600.00 or more in any event(s) in a tournament must report their actual score, position and amount won to the tournament manager. (USBC rule 319c, d) USBC rule 319e (average adjustment/re-rating) will apply to both men and women.
12. The Tournament Director reserves the right to re-rate any bowler prior to bowling.
13. Verification of average of all handicap prize winners by Local USBC association shall be required before awards will be made and paid. Failure to verify his/her average by April 12, 2016 will automatically be given a 220 average and prize will be adjusted accordingly. Total awards of $600 or more are subject to IRS reporting and will not be released without submission of recipient’s social security number.
14. The decision of the Tournament committee shall be final unless an appeal is made in accordance with USBC Rule 329.